HrOUG 2017

Annual Croatian Oracle Users Group (HrOUG) Conference is widely recognized as biggest and most important Oracle community gathering in region. 

HrOUG 2017 have more than 70 lectures and workshops.

Keynotes are:

  • Mark Rittman - The Future Of Analytics, Big Dana and Dana Warehousing in Oracle\\\\\\\'s (Elastic) Cloud
  • Heli Helskyaho - Big Data and the Multi-model Database
  • Velimir Srića - Big Data and Creativity: Innovative Cases and Examples
  • Geertjan Wielenga - Mobile Development in JavaScript with Oracle JET

In social part of the conference participants can enjoy in three evening parties. We will have performances from Gelato sisters, Disco Inferno Magic 70s, Lamour band and DJ Nikša.

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HrOUG2016 video:

Pictures from the conference can be found on our Facebook page:

Day 1 / Night 1
Day 2 / 3 / 4
Social part – evening 2
Social part – evening 3
Social part – evening 4
Thursday Oracle ACE Short excursion to Bale
Another HrOUG passed with 352 satisfied participants for whom were held 86 lectures. 14 Oracle ACE lecturers take part in the Cconference programe
According to participants survey, best lecturers are:
Group Keynote; average rating 4.88 from 5 (a total of 221 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4.92 Jonathan Lewis (JL Computer Consultancy) - Just Do not Do It (81 input)
Group DBA; 4.56 from 5 (a total of 559 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,91 Kamil Stawiarski (ORA-600) - Strace, Perf & Gdb - three friends for the DBA (38 inputs)
4,84 Martin Wildlake (OR600 LTD.) - The Forgotten Performance Tuning Trick - Clustering your Dana (52 input)
Group APEX; 4.61 from 5   (a total of 365 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,88 Patrick Wolf (Oracle Austria) -  APEX 5.1 New Features: Part 1 & Part 2 (34 inputs)
4,79 Alex Nuijten (allAPEX) - Structuring an APEX application (51 input)
Group DEVELOPMENT & TOOLS; 4.70 from 5 (a total of 289 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,92 Dijana Mošnja (Istra Tech) - ADF Bindings from beginner to master (15 inputs)
4,88 Alex Nuijten (AllAPEX) - - SQL Model Clause: A Gentle Introduction (28 input)
Group BEST PRACTICIES & SUCCESS STORIES; 4.63 from  5 (a total of 250 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,92 Tihomir Šašić (In2Drone) - Using drone technology, today and tomorrow (39 input)
4,82 Patrik Franković (HEP) - Gas information management system in HEP Group (46 input)
Group BI & ANALYTICS; 4.56 from 5; (a total of 173 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,80 Žiga Vaupot (Qubix) - Bridging the Clouds with CloudBridge (34 input)
4,70 Ljiljana Perica (Oracle) - Oracle Data Visualization – new tool for new trends (27 input)
Group JAVA; 4.82 from 5; (a total of 84 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,88 Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle) - Oracle\\\\\\\'s Open Source Solution for Enteprise JavaScript (19 input)
Group CLOUD; 4.64 from 5; (a total of 66 questionnaire)
Top rated lecture:
4,91 Ami Aharonovich (DBAces) - Exploring Best Practices for Getting Started with Oracle Database as a Service (14 input)
Lectures nad Presentations:
in a few days will be placed on the conference web site all presentations what we have collected during the conference. We miss a few.
Evening entertainment is a trademark HrOUG. On Tuesday, we played the Pub Quiz. During the breaks, the participants were entertained by Mariachi Los Caballeros.
On Wednesday,we held a car race and Queen Real Tribute entertained us.
On Thursday, L\\\\\\\'Amour band entertained us. We finished the tournament in Belot and in Texas Hold\\\\\\\'em poker.
On Friday, we had first HrOUG triathlon and karaoke.
The two main prizes for participants won:
- Miroslav Zivko (Gradska plinara Zagreb) weekend for two at the hotel Istria and
- Dario Nikolic from Kapsch CarrierCom won Hooverboard.
During the conference, we have given 10 voucher for a free Oracle certification

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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