Discover how FSI customers are leveraging Oracle’s intelligent banking experience solutions


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petak, 21. listopad 2016., 14:00


Dvorana D



Customers are moving to digital and will make web and mobile their primary interaction with the financial institution. Those channels are already heavy personalized and the customer will expect the same from their financial institution. Fintechs are disrupting the financial services market by offering 100% digital and mobile services and FSIs will need to provide compelling products and services to acquire and retain customers, to up-sell and cross-sell.

Barriers caused by traditional product silos severely limit banks’ ability to own the customer relationship and maximize wallet share.

Most banks are striving for a customer-focused strategy, but the challenge is in implementing the processes and systems that can support the change.

We believe that FSIs still have the upper hand and are trusted by the consumer, and this needs to be leveraged through a more customer centric engagement model.

Discover how our FSI customers are leveraging Oracle’s intelligent banking experience solutions to build deep customer insights by profiling each individual consumer in real time to create personalized experiences, and drive highly-targeted sales, marketing and advertising – growing audience engagement and revenues.

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