Marijan Matić Globallogic d.d.

I was born at 11.12.1973. in small city of Pazinu where I finished elementary and high school . I continued my education in Zagreb, and graduated in 2000 Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science. From 2000. to 2012. I works at Siemens where I'm working on software development projects in the field of mobile telecommunications . From 2012. until the end of 2013. I am working in company under the name of Siemens CVC Ltd. - ex Siemens department started as independent firm. In late 2013, I have started working for REC Global which in early 2016., has been acquired by GlobalLogic .Since 2009. I worked as an external teacher at the Polytechnic in Zagreb and .as Java trainer at educational center for IT technology - NetAkademija.Currently I am involved in development and maintenance projects related to Java and Oracle DB technologies.


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