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Wednesday, 18. October 2017., 15:55


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VIRGA Loyalty is a digital platform that helps retailers improve their sales performance and communication with customers through a customer loyalty program.By tracking customer behavior and segmenting customers aimed to increase the frequency and monetary value of customers\' purchases as well as build a larger customer base with more loyal customers, businesses have a better control on their marketing budgets and expenses. The platform features a powerful mobile marketing tool with a free mobile app for the end-customers and a web app through which customers can get access to all the available offerings and check their loyalty point balance.VIRGA Loyalty CRM module comprises the necessary analytical and communication tools for influencing consumer buying behavior.The marketing campaigns and posts created from a single, user-friendly web-based interface reach the consumers in form of notifications, news feeds and digital coupons in an intuitive, transparent way.By easily measuring the effects of marketing campaigns that consumers interact with by using their plastic loyalty cards and their mobile phones, the platform allows for a complete integration with external Web shop and Newsletter systems storing the customer data in a central CRM database for further analysis and for helping and quickening the decision making process.VIRGA Loyalty platform can be provided as a technology solution for exclusive use to help companies create their own customer loyalty programs.Last year the platform debuted as a technology underneath Hatch! - the coalition loyalty program designed to allow an unlimited number of retail and service businesses to become participating partners and build their own-branded customer loyalty programs with quick implementation and small upfront costs. By using their free mobile app, the end-customers can be informed of all the new offerings from all participating Hatch! partners in one place.Under the hood, the system is built on a modern service driven core, based on Oracle technologies that enable the platform to scale as well as communicate and interoperate in a distributed fashion with a variety of internal and external services.

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